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Pepper spray

Pepper spray is a generic period in support of all self-defense sprays with the purpose of contain oleoresin capsicum, a carrier, and a propellant. Oleoresin capsicum is the operating ingredient in interleave spray, harvested or derived from cayenne peppers or other peppers. Its sound effects are physically unbearable more exactly than painfully irritating; this makes it ideal in support of self-defense sprays with the purpose of are intended in support of employment on assailants who are immune to sorrow (psychotics, individuals under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or merely “tough guys”).

Tear swap gossip, on the other offer, is commonly made of solitary of two element compounds: CS (orthochlorobenzalmalononitrile) or CN (choroacetophenone). These compounds, what time sprayed into the tackle of an assailant, piece to get on your nerves eyes, skin, and respiratory scheme. They piece on the sorrow notion, and so are not operational counter to individuals who are impervious to sorrow.

Mace is a brand choose with the purpose of used to offer simply tear swap gossip. Now, Mace offers several altered types of self-defense spray, plus:

Mace Triple Action is interleave spray, tear swap gossip, and Ultra-Violet dye. The interleave spray physically incapacitates the assailant by forcing his eyes put down the lid and tightening his bronchial tubes, making it out of the question in support of him to see to it that and very challenging in support of him to breathe. The tear swap gossip irritates the bronchial tubes, causing him to cough. The UV dye brands the assailant with a purple disarray, making him with no trouble special.

Pepper Mace uses a 10-percent oleoresin capsicum solution and UV dye. The OC solution is a particularly strong solitary; it doesn’t kick in as quickly as a less significant concentration like 1-5 percent, but the sound effects are longer, every so often up to 45 minutes.

Pepper foam is the same as interleave Mace, but it sprays as foam more exactly than a liquid.

So as you can see to it that, it is not a question of scepter in opposition to. Interleave spray, since Mace is simply a brand choose. The question is really solitary of Tear Gas in opposition to. Pepper Spray. The winner? Pepper spray, hands down.

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